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Originally Posted by HansMustermann View Post
2. The point isn't just how fast your brain or the AI works. The point is that you have to experience a LOT of reality for that model to click into place.
Sure. But the human brain has limited data input bandwidth as well as limited processing power. A machine can be fed information much faster. The amount of data may be equivalent to, say, years of HD video input, but that doesnít mean it takes years for your computer to load and process it.

The other thing you can do with machines but not people is parallelize it. It can be interacting with, say, 100 people at a time to learn from them. The limits on how fast we can do things will not be the limits on how fast an AI can do things.

Let me reiterate that I donít think we will ever make true strong AI. I think itís just too complicated for us to figure out. But the obstacle isnít insufficient time.
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