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The human brain is basically a self-rewiring FPGA. Or rather, an imperial butt-load of FPGAs (the neural columns) around a massive bandwidth hub.

Yes, biology never needed to evolve a way to backup that FPGA, but it turns out we know how to backup and restore a FPGA we make ourselves. As in literally, we can backup and restore the "wiring" between those gates. And there's no reason we wouldn't come up with a way to do it if it's some different variation on that theme, even if it might involve a bit more circuitry for that, even if nature never needed such.

So I repeat myself: someone would have to be bloody stupid to come up with one that fundamentally can't be backed up. And not just one engineer has to wake up with an idea like, "hey, let's ditch backups and lose years of work if a lightning strikes". The whole chain of command above him has to be ok with that idea.

It COULD happen, but as I was saying, at that point you can know that the idiocracy is here.
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