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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Why? We hire specialists and experts all the time, in the full knowledge that if they get hit by a bus... We'll be okay.

We may discover that while artificial expert systems of the same caliber cannot be backed up one restored, they can be trained to maturity much faster and with much more consistent results. We may decide this is worth investing in.

What is your evidence that AI will be restorable from backup? Business convenience? That's exactly my evidence for why nuclear power doesn't produce radioactive waste.
Why wouldn't they? If they are based on physical processes using electronics we will be able to back them up and restore them. I do agree if we have to go down to a more say biological process, so we have "self altering" elements - like cells in a brain then we may not be able to backup and restore as easily or more accurately to the level of fidelity required to reproduce the "intelligence" we need.

However, there is nothing in principle that I know of that means that if you duplicate my brain to the nth degree that it would not give you another version of me so I don't know why we wouldn't be able to backup and restore.

One way around the problem of a "back up and restore" approach is not to have only one "intelligence" being fed the same input and go to a type of RAID array for the intelligence. Then if one fails you switch the output to another one. (See Saberhagen's Berserkers for RAID arrays of intelligence. )
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