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Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
Her behavior is caring, clearly. Does she understand abstract human values such as "love"? Not really; she is acting out of territorial instincts. Dogs have emotions, I believe: Shame, exuberance, contentment, etc. But they don't have "moods" - in the eternal present, each new instant triggers the emotions of that instant.
I think we generally underestimate the degree to which our own emotional experiences, moods, reactions to situations, etc. are all very similar to what you describe of your dog. What makes you think they don't experience "moods" in the same way that we do? (Or, perhaps more accurately, that we don't experience moods in the same way that they, and other mammals, do?)

I suspect that that the human experience of life isn't nearly as different from that of other animals, particularly mammals, as most of us think.
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