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Peter Madsens mentalerklæring: Så farlig er han (BT, Oct. 20, 2020)
Peter Madsen's : This is how dangerous he is

The article contains quotations from the forensic psychiatric assessment of him, which was used in court. I don't have the time to translate it all, but here is a slightly improved Google translation:

From the prosecutor's conclusion:
There is no doubt that he is dangerous. He presents an imminent and significant danger to the lives and well-being of other people.
This sinister and macabre murder case is quite unique. We are dealing with a cynical, calculating and deliberating sex killer that leaves no room for doubt. Life imprisonment is the most appropriate punishment, and if it that is not an option, it should be forvaring*.
*Forvaring is a concept in Scandinavian juris prudence usually reserved for criminals who are considered to be particularly dangerous. Unlike an ordinary life sentence, it may mean that the prisoner actually stays behind bars for the rest of his life, i.e. for as long as he (or she) is considered a danger to other people's lives or well-being.

Based on the assessment by a psychologist and two forensic psychiatrists:
He sat quietly in the chair and showed a tendency to try to hold the psychologist's gaze. Several times during the investigation, he praised the psychologist, which the psychologist interpreted as "a fairly obvious attempt to create an alliance".
“He is trying to control the conversation, which is about himself and his exploits. He considers himself to be an intellectual, but his actual skill of reflection is extremely limited. He gives the impression of being honest, but appears to be self-staging and unreliable about information about himself and he is trying hard to appear to be harmless."
As a part of the examination, Peter Madsen was tested to have an IQ of 111.

Not exactly the Hannibal-Lecter-evil-genius Ievel of IQ. It probably reflects that he is more or less self-taught without much formal education.
"Considers himself to be an intellectual" reminds me of Adrian Mole.
"Stupidity renders itself invisible by assuming very large proportions. Completely unreasonable claims are irrefutable. Ni-en-leh pointed out that a philosopher might get into trouble by claiming that two times two makes five, but he does not risk much by claiming that two times two makes shoe polish." B. Brecht
"The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions." K. Marx
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