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Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
I suspect a good lawyer could make a case that is so over the top that it is obviouly typerbole not meant seriously, but the point about how stupid it is is well taken.
Well, Shaman's defense is basically, "I walked through an open door." I don't know if it can even be established that the "revolutionaries" received a warning to disperse. Obviously this guy, and that Elizabeth chick, knew they were storming Congress but seem unable to grasp that it was a poor choice. And Shaman was carrying a ******* spear.

The zip-tie retired AF Lt. Col. claims he found the zip-ties on the floor. Right. Kudos to Trump for normalizing "lying your ass off 24/7 and getting away with it."

You know their defense is going to be, "I was too stupid to know better." I'm dismayed at how entitled these idiots are.
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