Thread: [Continuation] Trumpís Coup - Part 2
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Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
Well, Shaman's defense is basically, "I walked through an open door." I don't know if it can even be established that the "revolutionaries" received a warning to disperse. Obviously this guy, and that Elizabeth chick, knew they were storming Congress but seem unable to grasp that it was a poor choice. And Shaman was carrying a ******* spear.

The zip-tie retired AF Lt. Col. claims he found the zip-ties on the floor. Right. Kudos to Trump for normalizing "lying your ass off 24/7 and getting away with it."

You know their defense is going to be, "I was too stupid to know better." I'm dismayed at how entitled these idiots are.
I wonder if this guy who was participating in insurrection against the US government will get to keep his AF retirement pay and benefits?
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