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Angry Apple TV is a festering pile of crap

A moderately technically literate friend got one, not by choice, but as part of an Eir TV "upgrade".

It's ******* awful crap.
The "remote" is Applish, i.e. small, arty and useless. It uses a touchpad rather than buttons. It also comes uncharged (yes integral rechargeable battery) and uses *Lightning*for power.
******* useless proprietary Apple crap.
Also 32GB storage, naturally (being Apple) with no storage expansion; it uses "the cloud" for recordings. Until there's a connectivity problem...

It insists on setting up an Apple ID before it'll let him actually watch the television service he's paid for.
Oh and the supposed RTE Player and PrimeVideo apps? Not installed. To install them you need an Apple ID and an iTunes account. With credit card, even for the "free" app. I asked Eir if they accepted liability for monetary loss due to data theft and the drone, and her supervisor, went quiet.
Interestingly they were unaware of the provisions of Interception of Postal Packets and Telecommunications (Regulation) Act of 1993....

Also the TV channels weren't present, but that was Eir's incompetence.

I laid into the support, customer care and contracts staff and gave them an ultimatum. Grovelling ensued.
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