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Originally Posted by plague311 View Post
This. Is. Genius. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before. Best idea I've heard in a long, long time and I thank you for sharing it.

If it happens too much I suppose they'll stop taking them but it's worked well for the last few decades. Temporary cards use specific numbering, so they are easy to filter. Also I think only Citibank has them now. When Bank of America quit theirs I stopped using their card and switched to Citi.

Off topic, but the other reason I like them is that if hackers steal your card number they can't use it. Sure, you get your money back anyway, but it's simpler not to lose it in the first place and I like the satisfaction of knowing the thieves wasted their time. A few years ago someone tried to use one of my temp numbers to check into a hotel in Miami, then when that failed to buy some things at the hotel gift shop. Also, since the numbers are all different I knew where I used it. It was at a toy store in Daytona. It could have been hacked or more likely an employee at the store tried to use the number. Either way I won't buy from them again.
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