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Originally Posted by plague311 View Post
Please don't take out your anger out on tier 1 tech reps who probably had a total of 20 hours of training to help you. It has nothing to do with them.
If there is no quick and easy escalation path to someone who can actually fix the problem, which was not technical but rather administrative/contractual, then I'm going to bulldoze them. Courtesy is one thing but, frankly, my time is valuable.

Originally Posted by plague311 View Post
You're going to get much further by treating them well, speaking calmly and working with them instead of butting heads or insulting them.
I covered, in about forty seconds, their entire checklist. That actually saved saved time, on both ends, and should have triggered an immediate escalation

Also, they probably went quiet because, as you stated, there's a ******* law for it.
Well they should understand the law regarding the recording of phone calls.

Originally Posted by plague311 View Post
They don't need to understand it. You asked a question you knew they wouldn't know the answer to in order to showboat you knew about a law. Grats.
No. I informed them that I was also recording the call and that I would have no hesitation in making the inability of Eir to assist their customers public.
More bad publicity for them.
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