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Originally Posted by Delvo View Post
I like the sound of the slower track in the background, and wish I could get a version that's just that without the normal one... but I'm not buying that it's just crickets slowed down. Real crickets stop & restart somewhere around once per second, and this doesn't seem to do so on any time scale.

Hmm... maybe the idea is that, although we only hear a few of them at normal speed, the slowed one is a large crowd of them I know that smooths out the effect a lot. (A valley full of zillions of both 13-year and 17-year cicadas in the same year, for example, maintains a constant level that sounds like a 1960s Star Trek phaser, instead of the up-&-down pattern of one or a few of them.)
That's kinda why I put in the sciency forum. I'm guessing that there has been more manipulation than just slowing it down (the Snopes writeup hints at that), but I'm not certain. Still sounds pretty creepy thought.

I suppose in this day and age most anyone could replicate the process. There's gotta be an app for that.
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