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Originally Posted by crescent View Post
Interesting - but I have one nitpick. The analysis recorded their own cricket sounds and slowed them down. Except - they seem to have recorded cicadas instead. Rather than the chirp-chirp-chirp of crickets, they recorded the steady buzzing of cicadas.

The further analysis does support the conclusion that the "Chorus of the Gods" was manipulated. But their initial effort to replicate the process themselves seems faulty as they appear to have the wrong species.
I agree that the first example was ridiculous because it does not sound anything like crickets. It certainly does not sound like the crickets in the recording. The second effort was closer and did sound like crickets, but still was quite different from the crickets in the original recording.

He isolated the slowed down speed sounds from the regular speed chirping. He then played back the slowed down version at a higher speed. But he should also have played back the regular speed version at slower speed. That is really the claim. It would be interesting to hear what that actually sounds like.

Perhaps the chorus of angels only results with a certain type of cricket. Or maybe it is just this unique recording that has this effect. Of course, doing it in reverse proves that when the slowed down version is sped up it does not exactly match the regular speed version. It does sound like crickets, but there is clearly something else going on.

Also, it may be possible that the slowed down version may be made up of several layers of the chirping slowed down to different speeds so that when they are layered there is a musical effect. The video below has crickets played at different speeds; quite interesting how different the sound is at different speeds.

Maybe the recording is spliced together. Slow the chirping down. Find a section that sound a bit musical. Add then in. Then find another section and add that, and so on.

Or maybe he was manually shifting the pitch as it played to get different notes, which is a bit different than playing back slowed down chirping sounds through a keyboard.

There certainly does seem to be some type of manipulation. In any event, it is very cool piece of work.
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