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Originally Posted by crescent View Post
The analysis recorded their own cricket sounds and slowed them down. Except - they seem to have recorded cicadas instead. Rather than the chirp-chirp-chirp of crickets, they recorded the steady buzzing of cicadas.
Chirping sounds steadier when there are more chirpers together... especially if none of them are a lot closer to the microphone than the rest.

Another oddity is that they later allowed the slowing to shift the pitch down, whereas it was obvious that, for the original to have been based on slowed-down crickets in any way, it must have not been with the pitch shifting down (at least not that far)... a very strange oversight, given that they must have not allowed the pitch to shift up when they sped up a sample earlier in the same video.

Anyway, back to the original two-track piece: it almost seems like the normal-speed track was added just to be an obstacle to anybody simply speeding it up and finding out that it wasn't what it was claimed to be. To really hear the slowed-down part sped back up again, you needed to get rid of the second track, which not as many people can do.

I do also wonder, though, given how simple his method of removing the second track was, if he might have also taken out part of what was actually the main track.

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