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Originally Posted by PhantomWolf View Post
Yeah, this isn't quite true and so is one of the other issues I have with the whole thing. ISF would not be affected by this law... unless the Australian Government decided to declare that ISF was a responsible digital platform.
I was being somewhat tongue in cheek. I very much doubt anyone is going after ISF any time soon. My goal was to highlight exactly what activity this law is targeting, and that it is in fact standard behavior that makes up the core of how the internet works, just as Google has indicated.

Originally Posted by PhantomWolf View Post
And the thing is that there is nothing in the code that defines how they do that, it's simply left up to the Minister's discretion, and there is no appeal to that process. They declare you are an RDP and you now have to abide by their code and negotiate payment with Australia's RNOs for how much you are going to pay them each time someone posts a link to an article, along with all the other stuff that RDPs have to do under the Code. Your only other choices are to ban links to RNOs and/or to totally ban Australians.

We know what the real criteria is and motivation is. It has nothing to do with Google or Facebook harming these companies because they benefit enormously from the service they receive. It has nothing to do with the behavior being harmful to consumers, because it's a service that benefits them as well. It's not even about raising tax revenue from business conducted within Australia to pay for domestic programs. They are targeting profitable foreign companies to raid their profits and sign the money over to politically powerful domestic companies.
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