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Originally Posted by dann View Post
But doesn't.
Which has little to do with Capitalism and everything to do with factors unique to America itself. No one is saying we are perfect and should never change.

Of course, there are substitutes for capitalism! That you don't like them doesn't mean that they don't exist.
Ok, what are they. And no, I don’t like textbook socialism or communism or Marxism or whatever.
There are even capitalist substitutes for neo-liberal versions of capitalism, but I guess people who suggest this in Texas will probably be considered to be communists or Antifa.
A capitalist substitute for ... capitalism? Makes no sense. Capitalism is capitalism; you didn’t specify “Texas Capitalism,” or “neo-liberal” Capitalism in your OP. And this Texan is all for learning from other countries and doing things differently.

There are also alternatives to neo-liberal pandemic response, like TeTrIs or face masks, for instance.
Sure, but you are referring to sociocultural factors and not economic factors.
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