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Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
Which has little to do with Capitalism and everything to do with factors unique to America itself. No one is saying we are perfect and should never change.

So why don't you?! By the way, for some reason similar arguments never seem to occur to neo-liberals whenever other societies are discussed, like: 'Chernobyl had little to do with socialism and everything with factors unique to Russia itself.'

Ok, what are they. And no, I don’t like textbook socialism or communism or Marxism or whatever. A capitalist substitute for ... capitalism? Makes no sense. Capitalism is capitalism; you didn’t specify “Texas Capitalism,” or “neo-liberal” Capitalism in your OP. And this Texan is all for learning from other countries and doing things differently.

Tell us about "textbook socialism or communism or Marxism or whatever". Can you present us with the titles of the textbooks you have read on the subject? Why did you replace "neo-liberal" with "..."? So why don't you learn from other countries? Until recently, your argument for maintaining your state's pandemic response was that Texans just wouldn't put up with pandemic restrictions, and I guess Texans also love deregulation of energy. Your lie that nobody could have foreseen winter storms is duly noted:
In 2011, Texas faced a very similar storm that froze natural gas wells and affected coal plants and wind turbines, leading to power outages across the state.
Texas leaders failed to heed warnings that left the state's power grid vulnerable to winter extremes, experts say (TheTexasTribune, Feb. 17, 2021)
It was just as predictable as the pandemic was when you wrote about how well Texas was doing: It was already there!

Sure, but you are referring to sociocultural factors and not economic factors.

So your textbooks don't say anything about how economic factors and sociocultural actors are interconnected?!
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"The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions." K. Marx
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