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Originally Posted by Babbylonian View Post
Apple TV is great for those invested in using Apple devices and services, and those who want it. Being forced into the Apple garden by a third party is pretty crappy, especially when they don't have to (like if that's the only way to access the third party's services).
I have an ATV4k. The reason I got it was at the time it was the only device out there that supported HDR10 and Dolby Vision. My TV at the time didn't support Amazon Prime video which is why I needed an external box. I'm NOT an Apple person at all, but its a fantastic device... now that FINALLY they support 24Hz (not 23.976) which Netflix uses for some originals, in a beta update.

I love the way I can search for a program on any service, and it keeps track of what I've watched and whats upcoming through any of them, except Netflix because they have opted out and they did the same thing on GoogleTV. I haven't found it to be a walled garden at all. Like if I search for a movie that AppleTV has on itunes AND its on Hulu or Disney+, they aren't even deceptive, it leads me to the service that I have installed over their own pay per view service. Theres a Spotify app even though Apple has a competed service, and theres even a Plex app (for non-copyrighted downloads )

ETA: oh and yeah the remote sucks. Good thing the box supports CEC controls so I can use my TV's remote. And yeah their own power connector rather than USB is annoying but I'm nearly certain it came with one so its not like you have to go buy one.

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