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As always, bloody boring and based on hearsay and no real knowledge of anything. Common phrases and vague ideas. Truly ad nauseam!

Originally Posted by xjx388 View Post
What stories? I used a common phrase and shared my understanding of those thing. Now, maybe my understanding is flawed and you are free to correct me about that. But I doubt you will. Like I said; you are very good at complaining but terrible at solving. Trumpism is a cult of personality, I will grant that much. But to say that the US was a textbook example of such before Trump? That’s a terrible take.

The two political parties in the USA serve one purpose only: to choose a personality, the prime specimen of the American Dream to compete for the post as the leader of the country for the next four years, be it Obama, Hillary, Trump or Biden, presented with more or less meaningless slogans that each and every voter can interpret to mean whatever they want it to.

Tell us more about cults of personality. There’s gotta be a better textbook than Wikipedia, right?

You are the one who brought up cults of personality. You just have a hard time recognizing them in your own backyard, which is not Wikipedia's problem.

You said “suspicious” not me. My position isn’t so much about the “writers” but about the architects. Lenin. Trotsky. Mao. I happy to drop socialism/communism if that’s not what you are pursuing as a solution. What I’d like to elicit from you is a solution. Socialism/communism is usually presented as the solution to Capitalism’s flaws, but if you have something else in mind, I’m all ears. It seems though that you’d like to dictate the terms of the discussion. You’d like this to be endless complaining about Capitalism, apparently, and nothing else. Not solutions. Well, I’d like to see the conversation turn from complaints to solutions. If you don’t want to engage that, well that’s fine. I do and it’s within the topic of the thread so I’ll continue pressing the issue, thank you very much.

Yes, what something is usually "presented as" is good enough for you. And writers or dictators, they're all the same to you. What I like isn't really the question. What this thread is about is the point. And you would like to turn it into a thread where you present your complaints about whatever you imagine is socialism, communism, Marxism, instead of sticking to the point, which is how capitalism has mismanaged the pandemic response. The worse your Neo-liberalist state Texas is doing, the more disinclined you become to discuss its coronavirus strategy, which is why your posts are one long line of attempts to derail the thread.

In my view, the solution is to reform Capitalism. I think your argument is entirely too simplistic, fundamentally, “Capitalism sucks.” We get it. What’s the solution.

Yes, capitalism sucks at responding to the pandemic, but I have actually been more specific than that, and the more laissez-faire the version of capitalism is, the worse it is at fighting the pandemic. You don't get it because you are not interested in getting it.

There comes a time when a complainer has to present a way to resolve the complaint. We are way past that time in this discussion.

You're the complainer. I am the critic of the way capitalism and its beneficiaries, rich people, have spread the virus and are still doing what they can to get first in line for vaccines instead of letting it go to the people who need it the most.

What a ridiculous statement. It comes from a guy who obviously can see things only on the very surface. There isn’t one person whose ideas dictate everything about our economy and government. In the modern world, I’m thinking Cuba, where Fidel Castro established and enshrined into the very Constitution of Cuba his ideas as unalterable. His face and likeness is everywhere in Cuba. He made it so no one would ever dare challenge him, even when he’s dead! That’s a cult of personality.

You seem to confuse cult of personality with dictators, which is probably part of the reason why you don't recognize the U.S. version of cults of personality. I doubt that Fidel Castro enshrined much into the Cuban Constitution. Could you at least come up with a quotation to illustrate your point? Doesn't it say so in one of your textbooks?

Yes, there is a cult of personality in Cuba surrounding Fidel Castro. He was the leader of the Cuban revolution, so it's no surprise, really. There is a cult of personality surrounding Lincoln in the USA - "even when he's dead." There's a Kennedy cult as well even though he never freed any slaves. But that's not a cult of personality in your opinion because cults of personality in your opinion only occurs when they are cults of people you don't like.
By the way, Castro disapproved of any attempts to worship him, one of the reasons why you find big murals of Che and Camilo (and a memorial to Martí) at the Plaza de la Revolución, but so far none of Castro. Otherwise, Cuba is so pleasantly free of cults of living politicians that you probably don't even know the name of the present head of state.

Ridiculous. Capitalism has been the engine of growth and sustainability of every major nation in the world. Even China had to abandon the ideas of Mao and embrace some capitalistic ideas to keep up. Capitalism may evolve and reform but it isn’t going anywhere. Especially since not even you, a fierce critic, can present a coherent and viable alternative.

Yes, China is capitalist! And you actually seem to be proud of it! Mao probably knew as little of Marx's analysis of capitalism as you do. And no, I'm not going to provide you with any kind of alternative. You have already pretended to know all about it based on your "textbooks", which turned out to be nothing at all.
However, it is very obvious that China's "embrace some capitalistic ideas" didn't go all the way in their response to the pandemic, which I bet the Chinese are quite content with:
USA: 1,563
China: 3

Because complaints without solutions are just so much tedious uselessness. And because you don’t have an alternative.

Then stop complaining.

You sound like the Republicans in the US.

“The ACA is horrible and we have to repeal and replace it!”

“Ok, with what?”

“Errr...ummm...repeal and replace!”

Ad nauseum.

Yes, ad nauseam. I guess reminding you of the theme of this thread will be in vain, but if you have any comments about the current vaccine inequality, feel free to share.
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"The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions." K. Marx
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