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Originally Posted by Captain_Swoop View Post
All very nice but it ignores the Navies.

The Royal Navy had overwhelming superiority and the German navy couldn't have protected the fleet of invasion barges.
Germany had no specialist landing barges. They were going to use un powered barges towed across the channel and pushed ashore. Then the troops inside were going to lower wooden ramps over the bows and ride their motorbikes down them. In the face of opposing fire from machine guns and artillery in to mine fields and barbed wire.

They had no supporting fire from naval guns to help them.

Then somehow the unpowere barges would be towed off the beach, re strung and towed back across the channel to pick uo more men and supplies.

Yup. piece of cake.

then somehow the
Indeed, for an estimate for how successful an invasion would have been, one only needs to see what D-Day required. And the Allies didn't have to worry about German ships or aircraft, and had dedicated vessels, not just barges.
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