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Originally Posted by PartSkeptic View Post
The African versions of various natural life forms often seem to be the tough and nasty versions. Like the killer bee, Ebola and HIV.

This afternoon I heard an impassioned plea from a nurse who says this new SA strain of Covid is nasty. Apparently much more infectious, hence the sudden rapid spread here (no need for cell EMFs to amplify it ).

A much more infectious virus probably means it grows faster. If it grows faster, it spreads faster, but that also means that it can overwhelm a person quickly. Young people are now getting infected probably because viral loads are higher with a quick growth. Just thinking logically. We will have to wait and see.

The Whatsapp plea said that most of the hospitals in the Joburg area are starting to overflow. (She also said she was seeing cases of infected one day and dead the next.) This was confirmed by a person we know who works at a doctors office. They were suddenly struggling to get people into any of the hospitals, and patients were arriving in numbers.

Sooooo. Is this the deadly second wave I was saying is going to come? Or are we in for more mutations down the road. I see that there is some concern from the US and UK about this variant. The UK visitors that were here had their direct flights cancelled but were allowed in on indirect flights provided they quarantined.
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