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Originally Posted by Pixel42 View Post
The definition of subjective validation, and the reason it was necessary to invent the scientific method.

So the scientific method was "invented"? Now can you prove that the scientific method is the ONLY one that can validate facts? (or do you have to use the scientific method to do your proof?)

Or is that just a matter of convenient consensus. It is conveniently accepted on faith by atheists? What happened to logical philosophical arguments and conjectures with regard to the purpose and origin of life?

Oh, yes. Not a matter for scientists to discuss. They just do not know.

I have seen 3 Covid cures denounced by science as fake. Steam, anti-inflammatory drugs and colloidal silver. Yet, when I research them, I see "experts" make a pronouncement. No proof and no science. They are the high priests of science, so of course they must be right.m No different to all the fake prophets atheists complain about.

One expert said "one must lower fever temperatures because high temperatures are bad for the body." WHAT? How? Where does she give an example of such studies? Show me one study that let fevers run their course and where the body temperature got past the natural limit - ie one that did damage of some sort.

Another study (probably widely quoted) said "Steaming benefits are outweighed by the burns caused. We examined a number of cases of steam inhalation scalding and burns." I read through the study quickly and could not see what damage was been done. Then I went case by case and noticed that the area of damage was "legs" and "feet" and "arms". Although not stated, the damage done could only have been done by tipping over the pot of boiling water being used. What a misleading study. Why did they not explicitly make this clear, instead of repeatedly using the phrase "steam inhalation scalding"?

And of course silver. Articles often say "The FDA has banned proponents from falsely claiming benefits." I also hear the logic "Silver is a heavy metal" (true). "Heavy metals are harmful." (false - some heavy metals such as lead and mercury are, and blue men due to severe overdosing is a harmless side effect). Only now, that Covid is forcing universities to consider silver, is anyone doing anything. There is no profit for Big Pharma and so no incentive to study it, except for hollow pseudo studies that miss the point.

Science is getting treated with the mistrust it is earning from abuse by government and big Corporates. Support for science by atheists as the new religion also causes distrust.

Well, God aims to change that. Note the distrust of the ruling elite seen in the storming of the Senate. His planned chaos is spreading like Covid.
**Agnostic theist. God/Satan/Angels/Demons may not exist - but I choose to think the probability is that they do. By personal experience.**

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