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Originally Posted by PartSkeptic View Post
You did not Google it first. Not did I, but my memory is still okay on many things. Before your time?

Africanized Honey Bees (=Killer Bees) are dangerous because they attack intruders in numbers much greater than European Honey Bees. Since their introduction into Brazil, they have killed some 1,000 humans, with victims receiving ten times as many stings than from the European strain. They react to disturbances ten times faster than European Honey Bees, and will chase a person a quarter of a mile.
If you'd read your article properly, you would have seen that it proves my point.
Africanised honey bees are a hybrid of African and European bees, created in Brazil. They did not evolve naturally in Africa, which was what you were saying. And, yes, I knew this before I posted it. (Strangely, that's why I posted it).
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