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Originally Posted by PartSkeptic View Post
Now can you prove that the scientific method is the ONLY one that can validate facts? (or do you have to use the scientific method to do your proof?)
Straw man, and gibberish. The scientific method is the overall best way to test certain hypotheses, chiefly those that arise to describe the behavior of the physical world. As Pixel42 challenges you: name a more accurate and effective one.

It is conveniently accepted on faith by atheists?
No. My colleagues include several people of deep faith. They accept the scientific method, along with their atheist colleagues, because it has a proven track record of generating predictive theories when proper observation is available.

What happened to logical philosophical arguments and conjectures with regard to the purpose and origin of life?

Oh, yes. Not a matter for scientists to discuss. They just do not know.
Or more properly, do not care. As to the origin of life, there is a considerable body of knowledge to describe how life arose on Earth, how speciation occurred, and many of the questions we have about it. As to the purpose of life, aside from the philosophical aspects, there doesn't seem to be one aside from its own perpetuation.

That various people have assigned a purpose to life based on their beliefs in the supernatural concerns science only insofar as scientifically testable proof for that supernatural cause or origin can be brought to bear. If it cannot, science is not obliged to conflate those beliefs with what can be observed, deduced, and theorized.

You seem to be complaining that philosophy and science are different pursuits.

Yet, when I research them, I see "experts" make a pronouncement.
The quality of your "research" on other topics leaves much to be desired. If you would care to discuss specific statements made by the so-called "high-priests of science," then provide the citations to them so that we can all be on the same page. I do not trust your ability or willingness either to discover what scientific authority actually says on a subject, or to represent it accurately.

Science is getting treated with the mistrust it is earning from abuse by government and big Corporates.
Please cite the evidence that supports this claim. You have in the past chosen to associate yourself with people who distrust science for various reasons, and you seem to obtain your understanding from them of what the scientific claims and their basis are. Do not mistake your clearly partisan attitude for dispassionate judgment.

Support for science by atheists as the new religion also causes distrust.
No, science is not a religion. Atheists are not seeking religion. They do not treat science as a religion. Scientific methodology is held up instead as a substitute for religion, it being based instead on careful and systematic observation, testing of evidence, ongoing review, and ongoing retest. It is the atheist view that this is a more accurate way of attempting to understand the physical world than the religious approach of just making stuff up.

Well, God aims to change that. Note the distrust of the ruling elite seen in the storming of the Senate. His planned chaos is spreading like Covid.
You have no proof of a god, and no proof that you speak for one if there is one. The attempted coup was directly incited by Donald J. Trump, the epitome of the ruling elite. It has nothing to do with a god.
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