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Originally Posted by PartSkeptic View Post
Yes. I am tough and persistent. Probably the reason God decided I could pass on the message. However, I realize that without help from God it will not happen. I presume then there are reasons for that which I cannot yet figure out.

As for reason-resistant, you are reflecting on yourselves. When challenged to put up a rational argument, posters are responding with arbitrary insults.
Oh please, mother. I responded directly to your "good question" post (on the previous page), asking a series of questions intended to further a discussion of your claims and ideas- kind of the purpose of this forum, eh?- and your response was- what? Why, none at all- as is your wont, you went off on another of your weird tangents with the "African bees" thing, and just ignored my post and the questions altogether. So my response to that was ridicule- the forum does, after all, allow for "lively" discussion. Now if you think the ridicule amounted to insult, all I can say is "report it"- as Jay has said (I think), this resort to whining about being insulted but refusing to do any more than that about it is a cheap rhetorical trick. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen; if you're gonna stay, cook, and stop complaining about the flavor of the soup you're being served.

I mean, for pity's sake- for someone who has said several times variations on "too busy to read [on-point] posts," you sure do seem to find the time to write plenty of pointless, wandering posts of your own.
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