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Originally Posted by Pixel42 View Post
That anyone would predict with an apparently straight face that Boring Biden will cause more chaos than Trump after the last four days, and indeed the last four years, boggles the mind.

Wait and see.

I do not see Biden trying to heal the nation and bring both sides together. He is letting the extremist element in the Dem party rip into the other half of the country. Division and chaos. Just what God wants. He just has to step back and let Satan enjoy himself for a while before reigning him in. Covid will spread faster.

The Infinite Intelligence is getting just what it wants - entertainment.

The USA is in turmoil and that might lead to war. I cannot predict if and when that might happen. But the ongoing turbulence is going to expose weaknesses of the scientists and the elite. Only that way can a spiritual revolution also take place.
**Agnostic theist. God/Satan/Angels/Demons may not exist - but I choose to think the probability is that they do. By personal experience.**
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