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Originally Posted by JayUtah View Post
Shifting goalposts. You insinuated a prediction that Biden would die before being sworn in. Then you backed away from it when it seemed it would not come true.


I am ambivalent. There was not a clear sign, and the cards would not give an answer. But there are a few days left. Emotionally, I would prefer to see Biden do a few months to see what happens. I see others speculating about his health. I do not care to be either right or wrong on this one.

With the emotion in the country, Biden could fall victim to an attack. Presumably the secret service are more adept than the palace guards (er, capitol police, I mean).

My health has improved a lot. A religious man would say my prayers have been answered. I seem to have found a balance of medication that at least gets me through the day and able to work physically and mentally. A big part seems to be an increase my anti-fungal medication. I hope that is not a sign that the fungus is becoming resistant. If it is, then it is a serious problem because there is no other medical fix.
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