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For some reason I was starting to lean toward finding other discussion sites.

I tried to join The Skeptics Guide to the Universe Forum at but believe it or not they ask "Are you human?" and you have to answer "Yes" in order to register, so I couldn't do that and asked myself where is an extraterrestrial incarnation from a white dwarf star near Arcturus supposed to go and luckily Randi welcomes the opinions of all forms of life.

I then joined the British UK Skeptics and have a thread started at

I've tried to arrange for tests entirely with the skeptical and scientific community but progress is very slow, so I decided to contact an alleged psychic, and I ask her whether it would be possible for me to meet with some of her clients or if she could promote my interest in meeting with volunteers who are willing to let me try psychic medical diagnose with them, free of charge of course. This way I could gain some valuable experience while we await proper tests, and will again conclude either that there is no ability, or that I've failed to dismiss the possibility of an ability and to proceed toward further tests.
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