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Originally Posted by DrFrankmeister View Post

I am responding to your comments drawn from Dr. Joe Keating's 2001 article: ...

4. Adjusting has not been experimentally demonstrated to alter vertebral alignment or “nerve pressure”; such effects, if possible, have not been shown to influence neuritis.

You seem to be relying on relatively ancient chiropractic theories for your critique, because of the use of the term "nerve pressure". ...
A minor point: "nerve pressure" was Keating's term, not mine.
Originally Posted by DrFrankmeister View Post
... "Commentary on the United Kingdom evidence report about the effectiveness of manual therapies" [JJM]
"Effectiveness of manual therapies: the UK evidence report"
Chiropractic & Osteopathy 2010 (Feb 25) ...
That review is not about chiropractic, and it is difficult to sort through all the original sources. However, it is clear that what counts for favorable evidence does not pass muster in scientific circles.

For example, they claim the evidence for chiro treatment of enuresis (bed wetting) is inconclusive but favorable. That is their summary of two papers: *Reed WR, Beavers S, Reddy SK, Kern G: Chiropractic management of
primary nocturnal enuresis. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1994, 17: 596-600.

Leboeuf C, Brown P, Herman A, Leembruggen K, Walton D, Crisp TC:
Chiropractic care of children with nocturnal enuresis: a prospective
outcome study. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1991, 14: 110-115.

The latter (1991) study was un-blinded and uncontrolled, and concluded that chiro did not work. The former (1994) was tiny, and the treatment and control groups were not closely matched; and the treatment and control groups were not statistically different after treatment. Maybe you can explain how this is interpreted as "inconclusive" and "favorable."

The review is rife with such over-enthusiastic interpretations of literature, and non-chiropractic references. Aside from low-back pain, there is little support for chiropractic.
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