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I found what is apparently her lawyer William Beale doing a radio interview with Kevin Barrett earlier today, after the hearing at the top of this page:

http: // noliesradio. org/archives/32320

... Beale appears about 23 minutes into the show ... still listening ... doesn't sound like it went well for him. Initial discussion seems to be about a Judge John M. Walker on the panel (of three judges) hearing the appeal, potentially related to that "other" "W."

Says he had filed a motion to disqualify Walker, court denied it, ... moved for continuance to review that denial ... denied ... made arguments. "there it is, we did the best we could" ... also says the court asked him a lot of "impertinent and demeaning questions."

"You take a look at him, and he's a Bush ..."

Apparently no actual decision came from the proceeding as of now, Beale says a fed judge can decide whatever he wants, this afternoon, years down the road, whatever ... assumes they will affirm the judgement of the lower court. Beale says there are other avenues for appeal he can take ....

43-44 minutes in: ... "I know that there was a conspiracy" ... "inside job, that's a fact"

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