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Originally Posted by Belz... View Post
Ok that's a fair point. I'd say at 25 they understand it enough. I don't know before that, but I'm willing to go down to the age when we consider them adults (18 where I live).


Yes. I think 18 is old enough for someone to decide for themselves (with appropriate counseling) to begin HRT.

I think that delaying puberty until they reach that point is a prudent precaution. Otherwise the choice is being taken from them. HRT is far more effective when the effects of puberty do not have to be dealt with as well.

Gender transition in general is far less invasive if the effects of puberty do not need to be contended with.


What's so special about driving? Or drinking? Or having sex?

Good question. I haven't suggested that there is.

What is the cost of having someone wait a few years before they are granted those privileges by society?

Are the children harmed? No.

Because transgender children who are forced to suffer an irreversible puberty which they don't want when there are sufficiently benign ways to avoid that are be harmed.

Child abuse.
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