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Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
You're way off the mark here. Like on the LWB threads, my issue here is the dishonesty and cowardice of the position that it's fine to assault the other guys, but you somehow think you are above the same treatment.

When antifa and white supremacists armor up and square off, I fully support that. I argued in favor of punching nazis for the same reasons you and IATS, posted above. The difference is that I acknowledge it is wrong and that I'm down in the gutter with them. What gets under my skin is this attitude that 'we can throw eggys my enemies, but my precious ass is exempt from such treatment.'

Cowardice and intellectual dishonesty, plain and simple. You want to join me in the gutter? Great, I'll buy you a drink. Liars uwelcome, though.
I've noted that I hold this position several times in the past and understand that it's not consistent, though I don't expect you should know that as my posting history is sporadic.

Let me be clear though, this isn't an "I apply this to my enemies" mindset. This is an "I apply this to Nazi's" mindset. I'm not going to run up and egg my wife because we disagree on if there should be butter in ******* Macaroni and Cheese. This person shouldn't be "my enemy", they should be everyone's enemy. The reason I apply this to Nazi's and not others is because their point is irrational, and debating them is ridiculous. It's been done ad nauseum with absolutely no gain. These people are ignorant.

Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
Would you feel the same being the target of it?
I won't be the target of it because I'm not a racist douche. Red herring.

Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
Your parents or children?
If my kids are Nazi's I fully condone them getting egged. If they just don't like Marvel movies, that's completely different.

Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
Would you feel safe knowing it would stop at eggs and not escalate?
When it comes to Nazi's I believe it should escalate to the point that they understand their beliefs and opinions are not welcomed in public or among the populace.

Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
Just hang your head and take the egging, and whatever else might come, right?
False dichotomy? They could try not being a racist piece of **** as well.

Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
I mean, are you dictating where the line is?
Yes, Nazis are the line.

Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
I thought we had an assault line already. Just willy-nilly you're going to slide it around, and trust your attackers will do the same? Think about it bro. We have lines for a really good reason.
Yup, and it appears that more and more often the line is moving to "it's ok to beat Nazi's". A line I fully condone.
"Circumcision and death threats go together like milk and cookies." - William Parcher

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