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They've narrowed the range of estimates for climate sensitivity, eliminating both best and worst case scenarios.

Interesting but itís not going to change the generally accepted estimates of climate sensitivity. Itís actually fairly consistent with other estimates that donít factor in long term feedback effects. Itís generally only after you start factoring in long term feedback effects that you start to see estimates above 3.5 Deg C / doubling of CO2.
Yes, remember this study is still undergoing broader review within the field, passing publication peer review is only a publication issue, not a broad scientific adoption of the study's findings. This paper doesn't only not look at longer term effects and impacts (fat tail issues), it also does not attempt to include or analyze shorter term tipping point issues, and generally ignores Methane releases, permafrost melt, and the broader issues of adding more moisture to the atmosphere, deforestation, ocean acidification, etc., and how these all shape and change climate. Always good to more information, but I don't see that it changes much at all with regard to general mainstream understandings and projections, much less the dangers and problems already associated with climate change issues.
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