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Originally Posted by isissxn View Post
Please don't call me privileged. I do not say that from a place of privilege, I say it from a place of terror. I want the fighting to stop.

It has gotten to the point where my few close friends think I should go to the doctor. I genuinely believe riots are going to break out, like, every night. I get these crazy, elaborate fears into my head and then they just remain. For example, I'm afraid that far-right loons will hack medical databases somehow and get lists of women who have had abortions in order to target them. I'm really afraid of what deepfake technology is going to do. I'm afraid of propaganda. I can't even watch porn anymore because it disturbs me. It's like I can't turn my mind off. I just see symbols of hatred and oppression and cultural sickness and violence in everything. I don't know how to stop obsessing about it, and no one wants to hear it.

So when I see people provoking these guys, I panic and want them to stop. I guess I do sort of think that the left would win more converts and defeat these creeps if they presented themselves as the calm, sensible ones? I guess that's what I think. I haven't really thought it through the whole way. I just am really freaked out.

I'm sorry if that didn't make sense. Honestly, you guys could probably ignore all my posts from the last couple of days. I'm not well. I'm definitely having severe anxiety overload since Thursday or so. (Haven't been able to eat, either.) I'm not thinking clearly, so I'm sorry if I was flippant.
This just tells me that you are perfectly rational and sane, but your brain is in overthink things mode. I get that too, its bloody awful. Hope it passes quickly for you.
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