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For what it's worth, I know I read a few years back that while church attendance in the Catholic Church was plummeting, there was significant growth among "Charismatic Catholics". Those were folks who had adapted a more rowdy style of services, more like Pentacostals. It was still Mass, and there were still priests and popes and saints and transubstantiation and all that good Catholic stuff, but just done up more powerfully, with a lot more amens and all that. I think that the mainstream churches, where people were rather sedate, was fine when Christianity was so common that everyone felt that they had to belong to a church, but they didn't care enough to shout Amen! Those sorts of people in recent years have decided they don't really need to go at all, and they don't really believe, leaving behind only people sufficiently devoted that they are willing to be more participatory. The churches where that is easier to do are attracting more followers, or at least a much larger share than they used to.

"Charismatic Catholics" whooping it up but still holding true to Papist stuff ..... what a winner! Looking down from The Vatican what is the Pope's reaction I wonder?
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