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Originally Posted by Meadmaker View Post
Re: The highlighted. Huh? Catholics who don't believe in God? I'm sure that there were a number of people in the pews who stayed there out of tradition and because they had friends there even though they questioned the actual beliefs of the church, including possibly even belief in God, but if that's what they were thinking, they pretty much kept those thoughts to themselves. Perhaps I don't understand who you are talking about.
I don't think my dad was much of a believer in God when I was young, although he didn't really talk about it much either. But he did go to church once in a while. It sort of dawned on me gradually that he wasn't a big believer because he never talked about religion and he preferred to watch things like Cosmos or nature documentaries on PBS. Once I reached a certain age where it was safe for me to stay home alone, he didn't make me go to church either.

But, anyway when in church of course, he played the part and naturally would keep those thoughts to himself. I remember one Christmas Eve or some such occasion I thought about going to church with the family. I asked about why I had to dress up for the occasion though. That's when he explained that if you're going to go, you have to do it right, and that means wearing a suit and tie and being respectful of the other people there. So I decided that I didn't really want to go that much. Outside of those rare occasions when he went to church though, you would not get the idea that he was a religious man because he never talked about God or Jesus or any of that stuff (unless someone else brought it up).
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