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Originally Posted by wareyin View Post
You say this a lot. I don't agree. The vast majority of Trumpers I know in person are all bark and no bite.
To hear them on reddit or (ick) Voat, many of them are convinced that they'll march up to their fellow MAGA-hat wearing farmers, put an arm around their loyal shoulders and tell them to cut off the flow of food to the urban centers that don't support the orange sack of corruption they love so much. Then they'll laugh in their pickups as they watch the cities fall into food riots and chaos and only allow the food to go back in after the cities agree to give up their rights to vote or similar limitations (like they can only vote for Pubbie candidates, etc).

In addition to the implausibility of their wet dream, the simple fact is that a) most cities have ports where food can be imported and b) Big Agriculture is going to take one glance at their financial spreadsheets before tossing the Redcaps into the highway.
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