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Originally Posted by BStrong View Post
AA isn't an addict/alcoholic version of quack cancer cures or "psychic surgery," it's a bunch of folks in the same boat making an effort towards solving their addictions. I see no harm in it. Whether it works or not can be debated forever but making the perfect (self realization and positive action in abstaining from the DOC) the enemy of the good (12 step and similar programs) doesn't save anybody's life.
Argument from Ignorance.
Which is why we study. And, unlike AA, improve.

It is not about the perfect being the enemy of the good, because we don't even know if AA is 'good'. AA has little evidence of success. Is it better or worse than simple peer support? We don't know. We do know it is a faith based approach, and we know that is a sword that cuts both ways.

I am advocating for evidence based approaches that change as more information is learned. By definition, this is not AA.

Being faith based, courts nor employers should be mandating AA. Courts and employers need better options.
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