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Originally Posted by Foolmewunz View Post
Through no fault of the design, the Yamato and its fellow Yamato Class battleships have to be considered.

The Japanese had already taught the world that big gun naval warfare was going to be a thing of the past, but rather than use the two yuge battleships to possibly sucker the Americans in when they still had sufficient naval power (they being the IJN), they kept them safely away until their fates were fairly well sealed when the USN had submarine and carrier dominance. The Musashi went down during Leyte Gulf, when it was still the flagship of the fleet, I believe. And the inglorious and stupid end to the Yamato at Okinawa is the stuff of legend.

The one time the Yamato got into the shooting war it was very effective against smaller ships but didn't meet up with the USN battleships, and certainly no carriers! Both of the ships of the class were allergic to carriers. The anti-aircraft batteries were less effective than designed. And no one's immune to torpedoes, which is what took out the Musashi.

So design-wise, probably good ships but we don't have enough data. But when it comes to mismanagement by naval command, absolute boondoggles.
My bold. I had to reach back for this as it was just quoted by someone else.

The ONLY time Yamato saw surface action was the Battle Off Samar, against six thin-skinned escort carriers and a similar number of escorting DD's and DE's. The former, of course, had 150 aircraft at their disposal and 250 more from their sisters to the south. The latter had torpedoes. Yamato turned tail and ran away.
To be fair to him, Admiral Kurita had had a very bad 48 hours, having had to swim for it when his flagship was torpedoed out from under him; and seeing Musashi sunk later that day.
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