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Originally Posted by Dr. Keith View Post
I would trust AA to allow others to study it.

It seems you put a lot of trust into a system that you are saying is not trustworthy.
These comments are highly disingenuous. Plenty of people have studied AA. They don't need AA's permission. I never said I don't trust AA. You should know that. You and many others on this thread have expressed great mistrust in AA. I have no doubt that if AA conducted studies or gathered data, many of the same people would dismiss that data as biased and untrustworthy.

Originally Posted by Dr. Keith View Post
And despite its claims, it does discourage other treatment by its very nature.

The twelve steps are the only solution. If you lapse it is because you failed, not the twelve steps. You are powerless against your disease and must hand over all power to God.

Applying this thinking to any other disease would be called woo around here.
In my experience, AA does not discourage anyone from seeking any help they need, AA typically does not talk about people who "fail", and the 1st of the 12 steps does indeed state that we are powerless over alcohol. Above, I've quoted from a response from AA's office to an author seeking comment and from the book "Living Sober" regarding AA's stance on "outside help" and "other treatments" I don't think you understand how AA works as well as you think you do.
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