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So here's a new one (at least, it is to me, and I can't seem to find anything about it on the web).

I went to Worldometer and looked at global COVID deaths for the last 63 days. Totalling global deaths by day of the week produces

Monday - 30,717
Tuesday - 33,106
Wednesday - 47,900
Thursday - 46,165
Friday - 48,629
Saturday - 46,860
Sunday - 41,115

The US follows a similar pattern over the last 63 days

Monday - 6,153
Tuesday - 7,391
Wednesday - 13,178
Thursday - 13,307
Friday - 13,612
Saturday - 10,548
Sunday - 10,454

Looking at the last 28 days for the US, thinking that we've clearly gotten better at keeping deaths down and this might have some effect,

Monday - 1,610
Tuesday - 2,105
Wednesday - 3,941
Thursday - 3,683
Friday - 3,908
Saturday - 3,698
Sunday - 2,998

and if anything the Monday/Tuesday effect has become more pronounced

I like to think of myself as pretty good at coming up with explanations for weird behavior, but this has got me stumped. Two days out of the week have death rates about 30% below the other five days. What's so special about Monday and Tuesday that people are not dying?

Any suggestions?
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