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Originally Posted by Bikewer View Post
However, the case did actually go to trial. This is a common complaint of activists; that police officers don’t “face justice”. Well, Shockley did. A full-bore, formal trial for Murder in the First Degree. And he was acquitted.

To my way of thinking, the activist folks got exactly what they wanted, but not the result they desired. Unfortunately, sometimes guilty people skate, sometimes the prosecution simply fails to make a case (the general consensus here), or the evidence is such that the accused must be acquitted.
Except, I'm not sure either thing occurred. The "activist" concern is that the justice system is corrupt. Local judicial review of local police, on whom prosecutors and judges rely, have an inherent conflict of interest. This is compounded by Stockley's waiving his right to a jury trial, taking the risk of review by citizens outside the local justice system and putting it in the hands of a single judge within that system, and the the judge's sometimes bizarre, sometimes straight-up racist verdict.

A trial happened. A verdict was reached. But did the people get what they wanted? Did the officer face justice? We're meant to take the word of the system that is evaluating itself that everything is fine. Again. I question, at the very least, the validity of the claim that justice is being served.
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