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Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
I believe there are kindergarten schools in the spirit world where babies are looked after until they grow to maturity.

That makes no sense in the context of the overall spiritualist narrative. Are there also hospitals that cure Grampa's Alzheimers after he's passed on, so he can understand and answer the mediums who are relaying questions from their family?

If there's a spirit world elementary school, wouldn't it make more sense to attend it prior to the tricky and bad-karma-risking process of going through an incarnated lifetime?

Spirits do not remember their previous incarnations until the end of their cycle of reincarnations.

Then how do they answer questions from mediums about their previous incarnation?

Also, in the spirit world, why would they not remember their previous incarnations? I can almost see how starting a new incarnation without previous memories could be useful. Avoids spoilers, allows one to learn different ways of experiencing the world without biases from previous experiences, and so forth. You get to read Lord of the Rings for the first time again. But how are they (we) supposed to learn anything from the whole process, if they (we) keep getting mind-wiped even in the spirit world?

By this time, my brother may have chosen to reincarnate, and maybe I will never meet him when I die. I do not know because I no longer attend church, so I don't get any new messages.

Well, let's see. The war years (assuming wwII), add time for spirit infancy and spirit kindergarten, then a few years of work-study and time off to tour spirit Europe, carry the two... Lawrence could be me.

In fact, let's just say I am Lawrence, because whether I actually am or not makes absolutely no discernible difference (due to all the mind-wiping going on in this cruel and hopelessly inefficient spirit educational system) for at least several more lifetimes.

Hi, bro!
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