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For anyone who cares - my personal thoughts re climate change and its effect on humans.

Extinction is the way things work on this planet. Almost all species that have ever existed are now extinct. Prior mass extinctions have almost exclusively caused by climate change. Past climate drastic changes have been caused by asteroids, volcanoes, perhaps gamma ray bursts, to name a few. The current climate change, not as drastic as previous ones yet, is caused by humans burning fossil fuels.

Prior mass extinctions have always cleared the way for new species to emerge. No extinction, no matter how drastic, has destroyed the planet. It merely changes the ecosystem.

There is nothing special about humanity that makes us immune from extinction. It is almost certain to happen at some point. If the worst case current climate crisis proves to be the cause of our extinction so be it. We seem to think we are special because of our brains. (Some think it's because of our gods ). If our brains (or our gods) are not sufficient to get us out of the current climate crisis then perhaps the time has come to make way for a new dominant species to try their luck. Maybe in a million years or so intelligent cockroaches will be colonizing Mars. They are much better suited for it than our fragile little bodies.

Having said all that, I expect that this current climate crisis will not be the end of humanity. Adjustments that we will make will ensure our survival although the changes will be quite tough on those who do survive. Not all current species will survive and life will be tougher for those that do. Regardless of how it works out the surface of the earth will look quite different in 50 years from how it looks now.
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