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Originally Posted by angrysoba View Post
I donít understand what this means.

Let's say you live in a society of 100 people.

Now let's say that in that society of 100 people 60 of them are "bad" by (g)your standards. And not just "bad" as in unpleasant but, like I said "line crossing" bad, "no longer able to be interacted with civilly" bad.

But, let's say, that this 100 person society needs a minimum of 50 people to function; to build the roads and tend the crops and all that jazz, and that societal function requires people to at least be able to interact somewhat.

See the problem now? If you raise your standards so that the number of acceptable people drops below that "minimum number to keep the system self sustaining" level, you got nowhere to go.

Basically I think a question a lot of people don't ask themselves is basically that, can the "system" I'm talking about work if the only people available to work in it are those that meet "my standards?" And if the answer to that question is "no" you have to make some adjustments.
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