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Originally Posted by Travis View Post
With Georgia about set to give women who get abortions the death penalty,
This article by the Post says that at least one expert does not think the Georgia bill could be used to prosecute women at all.

Ohio requiring ectopic pregnancies be saved...somehow and Alabama deciding rape isn't a problem it is the sluts that claim rape happened that is the problem...
Your italicized bit is interesting. Did any Alabama legislators make an argument to that effect? (And especially did anyone say that rape isn't a problem?)

Frankly, I think that a consistent pro-life position would not include any rape exception. If abortion is wrong because the fetus has a right to life and such a right outweighs a woman's right to bodily self-determination, then what does it matter that the fetus is a product of rape? The fetus is not the rapist. The only reason pro-lifers carve out a rape exception is because it is politically wise to do so. Most people are uncomfortable, for obvious reasons, telling a rape victim she must carry the product of rape until birth. But this is just a spineless exception, if one genuinely believes that abortion is morally equivalent to murder.

You do your case no good by exaggerating the positions of the other side (must be a name for that tactic). If you think their positions are unreasonable, why not state them as accurately as possible? Is the majority of the Alabama legislature genuinely claiming rape isn't a problem? I should be startled to learn that (frankly, the bill itself is startling enough). But if there is no such discussion being had, I won't be startled at all, because you repeatedly misrepresent conservative positions.
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