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Norton and Webcam - Paranoid, Please Help

My Norton antivirus software did a big update this morning, and finally seems to be finished. Since then, however, I have gotten 3 little pop-ups (from Norton) in the corner of my screen that say, "Webcam access attempted by Google Chrome" with a little green checkmark. I have no idea what the hell this means, and I have never seen it before. Is someone trying to spy on me?

I'm not using the camera, and I haven't used it for days. I just don't need this **** right now. I've just been coming down off a MAJOR anxiety and paranoia bender, and I'm about ready to toss my computer in a dumpster rather than deal with any more bull ****.

I tried googling that exact phrase in quotes, but I didn't get anything helpful. What should I do? Does anyone know what it means?

EDIT: I've turned on Norton's VPN (didn't know it was an option before, or I would have done it sooner), and I've taped a card over the camera. But is this normal, or should I be concerned?

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