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Workers preparing for next week’s inauguration have hung “2021 Biden-Harris Inauguration“ bunting on the audience stands. Some of this is visible from Donald Trump’s temporary quarters in the White House; his check-out time is noon Wednesday.

One wonders what ratio of ‘Q’ dolts and other assorted Trump cultists will realize they’ve been had when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are sworn in, and Trump becomes a private citizen, no longer able to funnel tax dollars into his properties and liable to prosecution on a variety of state and possibly federal charges. No EBS proclamations of martial law, no mass arrests of his critics; Hilary Clinton remains a retired grandmother enjoying her liberty; the Presidential Twitter feed talks boringly, during normal working hours, of American unity and policy issues. No Storm, but rather, “ Partly sunny, with a high near 49.”

Mike Pence, rather than swinging from a gibbet erected by Trump fans, will applaud politely while Biden swears to uphold the Constitution. And Donald Trump will rage impotently in front of a TV somewhere, but no one will care. So, again, at that point, what ratio of Trump’s marks will finally see they’ve been conned? What ratio of the ‘Q’ true believers will realize they’ve fallen for a particularly insipid metastasized 4chan troll?

One in a thousand? I’m an optimist: I say one in a hundred.
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