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Originally Posted by Gord_in_Toronto View Post
A curious tale indeed. I followed a link or two to try and find the Project Veritas video and I came to this:

The ideology of the accused seems confusing:

This is confusing. It starts with a white campaign woman helping an elderly lady fill out the ballot. She points out that she voted for one Republican for Senate when she had said she was trying to vote for all Democrats. The woman asks if she can do that. The campaign woman says that she can vote for whomever she wants, but if her intention was to vote for all Democrats that isn't what she did. The woman says that she does want to vote for all Democrats. The campaign woman then show her how to correct her ballot to change her vote to the Democrat.

Then it jump cuts to a black woman talking in a car about how telling people how to vote is illegal. It is not clear who this is or if the was a person working for Project Veritas and recording the video.

Then we are back to the elderly woman and we see an arm of a black woman who gives her a shawl. It isn't clear why. It isn't clear is the previous white woman was even still there. Oddly, there is no video of any sort of offer to give her a shawl for voting or voting a certain way. There is no context.

Then we are back to the black woman in the again saying how this is illegal.

Then we go to what appears to be another woman with a slight Spanish accent talking to some guy saying she is doing illegal voting stuff. I guess that is Rodriguez, the woman who has been arrested. But I can't figure out who is actually who or what was actually going on.

After the video was released, Rodriguez had said that she was lying to the guy because she was trying to figure out what he was up to.

Switching votes for all Democrats expect Garza is not consistent with what we saw earlier in the video when the campaign worker was helping the woman vote for all Democrats. And switching votes for just Garza seems a bit odd. He lost 135K to 90K. Almost a 2-1 loss. It wasn't even close. Seems like a strange circumstance to engage in major election fraud.

This doesn't make much sense and many things seem wrong here.
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