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Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
I highly doubt that Trump himself was involved in making these guidelines. It was probably career employees at the CDC.
Why would Trump himself have to be involved for what I pointed out? Trump's priorities have been crystal clear for a while now and the people he's put into positions of power are there far more for loyalty than expertise. I would also add that it's been pretty much the Republican Party propagandists as a whole pushing what are effectively "Peons should just be making us wealthy, if they die they can just be replaced" and "Sacrifice your lives for our wealth, old people" attitudes, both directly and indirectly via COVID denialism, focusing the conversation on the negatives of public health measures, and conspiracy theories. Now, the complaint presented is that a plan was rolled out that seems to adhere about as perfectly to the Republican priorities as possible and that progressives, who the Trump Administration has been attacking and trolling for the entire Trump Administration, should be bashed because the already very publicly compromised CDC claims "progressive" justification in a way that really obviously invites intense criticism? Not buying it at all.
So sayeth the crazy little dragon.

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