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Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
I suppose that makes sense too, although it differs from the justification given in the Reason article:
As you had poked at before. With that said, of course it differs. To be clear, it's probably not hard to find progressives that order their priorities in different ways. Progressives are people, too, after all. I think that that particular argument is not likely to actually be persuasive at all among a large majority of progressives, either way. Arguing along the lines of the plan being what they think will be the best way to arrest the spread and reduce the total damage done (preferably with the calculations available for checking) would be *far* more persuasive to progressives in general. The justification given in the Reason article looks far more like it was simply seized upon to divert attention for the sake of progressive bashing, like the right wing/libertarian Koch publication that they are. To go a bit further, though, what is this Harald Schmidt's relation to the CDC? Why is he being cited to explain their decision-making process? Just going by the quoted, I would suggest that he's likely unrelated, but, given that his field of work/interest seems to pretty directly be trying to figure out ways to reduce inequality of marginalized groups, was asked to guess and expand upon what the CDC could be talking about when they refer to said 'racial and ethnic "health inequalities."'
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